Positive Influence of Empathy on Learning Process

Being emphatic is something that we often consider a weakness in today’s society. People are too afraid to get close to each other and tend to keep emotions and thoughts to themselves – even more so if someone is asking for help or opinions from outside sources. Emphatic people are unfortunately few and far in-between in the corporate world because the climate itself is relentless and doesn’t forgive weakness. But how can we use empathy as strength and teach our children to use it to their advantage?

A health factor

Believe it or not, it feels good when you let go of something you have been holding on to for a long time. Grudges, ill feelings or anger that builds up inside can tear a person apart in an instant. People who lack empathy from their parents at an early age tend to develop cold personalities and distance themselves from others.

These people are acting instinctively, often neglecting to open up because they are afraid of betrayal or misunderstanding. Teaching children about empathy and how it’s good to be there for others is important. It allows kids to build connections much more organically and share small secrets and memories with their friends on a deeper level. Kids who let go of their inner feelings and have someone to talk to about it are far more likely to become positive and forthcoming people down the line.

Teamwork and leadership

Empathy makes people understand each other more than usual. It triggers different emotions than a simple conversation would. Empathic people are natural-born leaders and teamwork is their favorite type of work. Being in charge of a team is a nice thought, but what happens if the team is volatile and members hate each other?

Talking it out is important and emphatic people are far more likely to diffuse the situation and keep working than a usual corporate executive would. Teaching children to play together and share toys and food with each other is an important part of learning about empathy. Feeling what other children feel can make a world of difference when communicating on the playing field and this will ripple into their futures as well.

Life lessons

Lessons about money, housing, jobs, marriages, etc. are best learned through empathy. The learning process of a child is constant – their school never goes into recess. This means that they suck up every bit of knowledge that comes their way and it’s up to us to filter that information into something useful and empathic.

Try talking to your children by using real world examples of happy couples, jobless people who can’t afford food or rent, college students struggling to get by, etc. While these ideas might be too complex for their young minds, the empathy will kick in either way – children love to help others and express their opinions. Be their guide and let them express what they really feel. It will make them more mature and responsible at a much younger age, even giving you options to trust them with important tasks without fear of failure.

Creativity boost

Empathy plays a huge role in making our children more creative and open minded. Triggering certain emotions and asking the kids to act how they feel will likely make them confused at first, but they will soon embrace their empathy as a tool to use.

Try playing some puzzle or family games with your kids and try to connect the game you are playing with scenarios that involve empathy. Having one of the figures gets left behind and unable to continue the game should make the child feel sad and wanting to help. Connect these small moments of empathy with creative exercises such as drawing, painting or even block building. This will allow the child to freely express their creative minds and develop new ideas using their emotions.

They can then use these creative skills down the line in design, writing or any number of creative fields that require empathy as their driving force. You can check out https://www.trustmypaper.com to see the effects of creative professionals that can write and edit your papers; your child can develop habits similar to these.

Personal development

The best way to trigger a will for personal development is through empathy. Letting your child see how they can look like in the future if they work hard enough and are honest about themselves can work wonders. Make sure that you find positive and empathic examples of young adults who can be their role models and help them develop their own skills.

Whether its ballet, football or playing violin – all of these can be targets for personal development and help your child determine their life paths. Being emphatic about their childhood idols can help them discover and reach their dreams, even years down the line. Just remember that personal development might be a too complex subject to discuss with a young child so keep the technicalities to a minimum and focus on what’s important.

Patience and communication

Having a child that feels for other people is a wonderful prospect, but also a dangerous one. Your child will grow into a patient individual who can effectively use active listening and communicate their thoughts fluently. It’s up to you as a parent to guide them towards that goal and let them know of everything that’s going on.

Explain any questions they might have, as random as they can be – being honest with them can only lead to further honesty between you. Just imagine how effective and communicative your child will be years in the future if they know how to express what they really feel inside – and all of it starts with working on childhood empathy.


Developing emotional responses with children can be tricky and sometimes even dangerous. Your child might be confused about what’s going on and further shut themselves from communicating, which is the negative side-effect of empathy in learning.

While it does happen from time to time, no child stays shut down permanently and they always find a new toy, game or a friend that pulls them out of it. Be happy that your child is actively learning about empathy at an early age and make sure that you are available as a parent any time it needs you to be.

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How to Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen and Save Time

As Windows 8 is a touch screen oriented OS , So Microsoft has integrated the lock screen feature to prevent accidental touches which can cause trouble.

But if you find it troublesome , you can deactivate is easily.

To deactivate the lock screen, first in the Start screen type “regedit” and press [Enter] .

Confirm the User Account control dialogue box by clicking “Yes”.

Now Navigate to key

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization”. If the key “Personalization” doesn’t exist , then create  it with the command ” EDIT | New | Key” .

Ones done click on the right-hand side panel and open the option ” Edit | New | DWORD ( 32-bit) Value “.

Name the new value “NoLockScreen” and press [Enter] . Double click the new entry and change its “Value” to “1″ and confirm the changes by clicking “OK”.

Now you have deactivated the lock screen.


Dummies’ Guide To ANDROID OS

Android is a Open-source Linux based Operating System designed to work on any device. Google purchased Android OS from ANDROID Inc. in 2005. That was the year when Android’s first version is developed.

Because ANDROID is an Open Source Software there are many customized versions of android available like CyanogenMod, MIUI etc.

Android Development cycle is short as compared to other operating systems like iOS or Windows Phone. This is the reason we see new updates in about every 6 months.

Android offer lots of customization options to users and OEMs to customize their devices.

Android apps are developed in Java Language. That’s the region why Android Apps are comparatively smaller from iOS Apps which are developed in C language.

But there is a disadvantage associated with app developed in Java i.e Apps written in Java follow JIT (Just In Time) Compiling rule. That mean Java apps uses more resources as compared to the apps written in C. Apps written in C language are pre-compiled so they uses fewer resources. Now You will learn how Android OS works.

How Android Works

Android working is divided in 2 steps:

  • Booting
  • Running Apps (Including the UI)

Booting is the process of loading required library files and starting the system.

The steps of Android OS Booting is listed bellow in order of occurrence:

  1. Checking for all the library files
  2. Reading System Configuration from Kernel
  3. Verifying Configurations
  4. Loading System Apps and Files
  5. Starting System App Process’s
  6. End of Booting

When an Android App Runs there are two process that occurs

  1. System Compile the App
  2. System loads fragments
  3. App starts Running

Why Android Is So Popular

The region behind Android Popularity is the Ability to Customize it, As it offer large numbers of APIs to deal with Hardware and Root Access to System.

Android has over half million apps and games to download and most of them are free.

Fast Updates is another region of its popularity.

If you owns an Android Phone you know it makes our life easier.

If you want to know more about Android buy an Android device.

I am totally in love with Android, Since I used it first time.

No doubt it is the smartest Operating System yet.

Future of Android

I am very confident with the future of Android OS.

Android is the main hero behind the scene of many million dollar companies like Instagram, Rovio Mobiles, Ea Games, Glu, Evernote and Dropbox.

For many developers Android Apps are the primary source of generating livelihood.

We have these awesome services only because of ANDROID. No more to says…

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6 Tips + Bonus to Increase your Affiliate Marketing sale

Every business rely on a good marketing strategy and if you are an affiliate marketers and want to increase your affiliate sale,  here are the marketing strategy you should opt to increase your sale.

#1. Write Compare Reviews

If you are writing single product review on your affiliate marketing site than you are making a big mistake, this is because people always want best and they search for other options. And if you compare two or three products in the review they will buy the best product directly from your site.

#2. Write Long Review

According to an experiment long review sell more and the shorter one.  Write in-depth reviews so that the reader has no more questions about the product (So that they don’t search other sites for the information). To rank in top 10 in the search results the optimum length of the article should be at least 2000 words but now exceed 2200 words.

#3. Fast Loading Page

Amazon lose their 1/3 customers with every 3 second delay in loading time, so your page should load fast. Use the compressed CSS and JS on the site to reduce loading time.

#4. Create Hype

Create Hype about the product before reviewing it on your site. You can create creative banner and Headings for this. Tweet about it on twitter ( the most effective Social Marketing Site ) .

#5. Giveaways 

Giveaways is great way to increase the desire to use the product in the readers, it also increase social media popularity and traffic. Using giveaways you will pay for two licences and readers can buy up to 50 licenses from your affiliate link. So if the product cost $100 per license and the company pay 30% share of the sale. Then your final income will be $30×50 – 2x$100 = $1300 .

#6. Email Marketing

Build a strong email following or subscribers, because it can make you millionaire. In a research it is found that Email Marketing is the  best way to sell something, no-matter what type of product it is email marketing is the best way to sell it fast. If you have an email following of 20,000 for a product, more than 500 people of  20,000 people buy the product directly from you.


Avoid spam words

Avoid spam words in the email marketing, Here are some words to avoid in the financial space:

$$$,Affordable, Bargain, Beneficiary, Best price,  Big bucks, Cash, Compare rates, Cost, Credit, Credit bureaus, Discount, Earn, Easy terms, Free

Here are some words to avoid in the e-commerce space:

As seen on, Buy, Buy direct, Buying judgments, Clearance, Order,  Order status, Orders shipped by, Shopper

Google Webmaster Tools Trick

On most of the sites up to 60-70% of the affiliate income is from the UK and US traffic. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to set the Geographic  target to UK or UK so that your site rank higher in US or UK search results.

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Top 6 Adsense Alternative Tested

No doubt Google Adsense is the best Ad network in terms or payout and ad quality. Also the CPC and CPM of Google Adsense is very high, but not every blogger is approved by Google because of their strict Policy and Quality Control. If you are one of them then it doesn’t  mean you can ‘t earn from your blog.

There are many ad networks are in the market, and I have tested all of them and here are the best highest paying Ad networks.

Highest Paying Adsense Alternatives

Media.net : Yahoo Bing Ad Network

Media.net is a contextual ad network , that mean it serve ads based on the context of the page. So if your page is about mobiles it will show ads of mobiles.  Quality of ads are high. And the revenue is also very good and comparable to Adsense . The dashboard is neat and user-friendly. It also support multiple ad sizes.

How to Apply for Media.net ?

You can easily apply for Media.net Ad network using this Invitation Page . Just fill your information and your website URL and select the category . You can apply for multiple websites at once.

Here is the Quick Info of Media.net

  • Getting Approved : Difficult
  • CPC: $0.05 – $1
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Bank Transfer

BuySell Ads

BuySell Ads is a marketplace to buy and sell ad. The advertisers pay good money to the publishers, but your site should have high traffic or it must be famous to earn from BuySell Ads. You can earn more than Google Adsense if your site is famous. You can also use BuySell Ads and Adsense Ads together with no issue.

How to Apply for BuySell Ads?

Be sure that your site language is English and you use Top level Domain.

Quick facts about BuySell Ads

  • Getting Approved: Difficult ( Need at least 100,000 Impressions per month)
  • Earning : No limit
  • Minimum Payout: $20 via PayPal, $50 by cheque

Infolinks In-text Ad Network

Infolinks is one of the top paying In-text ad network. I have tested it and my experience is good with it. The problem with Infolinks is that it does not show realtime revenue updated on the dashboard. It is the highest paying in-text ad network. And revenue is slightly less than the Adsense. InfoLinks convert the normal text into clickable ad links. Also it offers many additional ad services like InTag, InFrame and InSearch.

Infolinks work perfectly with Adsense. And you can use it with other ads to make more money.

How to Apply for Infolinks?

You can apply for Infolinks by visiting the Infolinks homepage and you will be approved in 24 hr .

Quick fact about Infolinks

  • Getting Approved: Easy
  • CPM: $0.10 – $1
  • Minimum Payout: $50

Payment Options:

  • Bank Wire Transfers – $25 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency
  • PayPal – US Residents $1, everyone else 2% up to $10
  • eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion
  • Western Union – $15 minimum
  • ACH and Payoneer – No fees

VigLink  In-Text Ad Network

VigLink is similar to Infolinks, the only difference is VigLink convert normal text into affiliate link and when visitors click these link they are redirected to the e-commerce sites like eBay , amazon etc. and if visitor buy something , then publisher is paid with a part of the affiliate income. VigLink work great for websites which review something. Just like InfoLinks, Viglinks is also compatible with Adsense.

How to apply for VigLink?

Open the sign-up page from here, you just need to enter your email address. Your account will be approved within 48hr.

Quick facts about VigLink

  • Getting approved: Easy
  • Minimum Payout: Pay after every 60 days.
  • Payment Options: Paypal etc.

Kontera  In-text Ad network

Kontera is the alternative of InfoLinks. It also convert the text into clickable ad links. In my experience Kontera is more trusted than InfoLinks because Kontera doesn’t decrease your earning after one month like InfoLinks do. If I need to use In-text Ad network my choice will be Kontera.

How to Apply for Kontera?

Applying for Kontera is easy, just visit this page and signup for the Kontera. Don’t worry Kontera Approval Process is very easy and almost everyone is approved in the first time.

Quick facts about Kontera

  • Getting approved: Very Easy
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Check , Wire


It is one of the highest paying ad network (when used with pop-up ads). The only problem with Clicksor is that you can earn high ( $2 CPM) only when you use pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are not user-friendly and can disturb your visitors.It include many ad sizes to display.

How to Apply for Clicksor?

Click here and click on the publisher sign up link and fill your information. Your account will be activated instantly no need of approval.

Quick facts about Clicksor

  • Getting Approved: No Approval instant account activation.
  • CPC: $0.01 – $0.5.
  • CPM: $2+ per 1000 views of Pop up.
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Option: Paypal

Above are the highest paying ad networks. I personally prefer BuySell Ads, Kontera an VigLink as they are the trusted one.

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Calling javascript function “asynchronously”

asynchronous function calling in javascript

Javascript is not a multi-threaded programming language, because it is not multi-threaded we can’t call a function asynchronously, but there is workaround (or hack) to call functions asynchronously in javascript.

The advantages of calling functions asynchronously is that the script runs without waiting for the return value from the function which is called.

To make a function asynchronous we need to encapsulate the function in a method that by-pass the function without waiting for its return value.

To do so, we will use setTimeout() function in javascript.

Let’s learn how to call a function asynchronously in javascript:

For example we want to call fetch() function asynchronously, we need to call this function using setTimeout() method.

function async() {
async(); // It will call the fetch() function asynchronously

Now when we want to call the fetch() function asynchronously we just need to call the async() function.

Still javascript is not asynchronous

Javascript is a single-threaded programming language, and it can not call functions asynchronously (at-least for now). The code above will emulate asynchronous call method, but the processing will be done in the form of single block process. So we can say that setTimeout() create an illusion of asynchronous call.


What to Do When… (You have a problem)

We all have some problems in our life. But most of us don’t know how to deal with them. We might get depressed or loose hopes, but what I learnt in my life is no problem is permanent, you just need to wait for some time, it can be the wait for 2 days, 7 days or 1 month but I am very sure that our problem will be solved, All it requires is wait and wait.

Take a look at this poster and think.

What to do when.. (You have problem)

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How To Make GIF Easily With Photoshop

GIF are the best way to share clips on social media. On social media everyone is in hurry and they may not have time to view your YouTube video. So what you can do is to convert that short clip into an animated GIF. This is the best way to share any short clip.

Ubisoft Gif

These days people use animated GIF to share the funny clips on the social networking sites. GIF is better than YouTube video to share sort clips because very few number of people have time to click on the YouTube link and watch the clip. GIF solves that problem because GIF do not need any special media player. And  the process of sharing animated GIF is exactly the same as posting a normal photograph.

Currently Google+ and Twitter support animated GIF. Lets get into the process of creating the animated GIF.

To create a GIF you need –

  1. A video clip that you want to turn into GIF
  2. Adobe Photoshop

1. Pick out a video clip that you want to turn into GIF

You can use any video file for this purpose. I am going to use the use a Gameplay video of Watch_Dogs.

Here’s the YouTube video I used for this tutorial.

Important: It is very important to trim the video the 2~3  sec max. Because if you use a long video the ending GIF file will be very large.

2. Import Video in Photoshop

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 13.48.17

Importing video in Photoshop is very easy. File > Import >Video Frames To Layers.

Now Photoshop will convert the video into a series of still images. Now trim the video and select the portion of video you want in your GIF.

It will look like this.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 13.58.34

Using the sliders trim the video to max. 3 seconds. And then click OK.

Now you selected frame are loaded into photoshop in the form of layers.

4. Finalising and Saving the video

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 14.02.31

Now to save the GIF. File > Save for Web .


Make changes to the option pointed by the arrows which suits you the best. Below I have explained those options.


Colors: Keep the colors as high as possible i.e. 256 is the highest.

Dither: Higher value is better and lower values reduce the quality of the GIF.

Lossy: Like dither, only opposite. Higher the value lower the quality, smaller the file.

Image Size: Choose the appropriate GIF size.

Tips –

Only reduce color when you don’t have any other value to reduce. Because reduce the color makes the GIF very low quality.

Finally Click Save. You can view the animated GIF by opening it with your web browser.


10 Bitcoin Facts

Bitcoin is a decentralised virtual currency which is created my Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and is introduced as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which means it is a combination of alphabets and numbers in a sequence.

10 Bitcoin Facts

  1. 3600+ Bitcoins are mined each day.
  2. The first Bitcoin transaction is of 100BTC between Satoshi Nakamoto → Hal Finney on 12/01/2009.
  3. Only 21 millions Bitcoins can exist ever.
  4. Bitcoin source code consist of 3100 lines of computer code.
  5. LAMBORGHINI is the first car company to accept Bitcoins in exchange for cars.
  6. You can travel to space using Bitcoins thanks to Virgin Galactic.
  7. You can buy pizza in Netherlands using Bitcoin.
  8. The value of one Bitcoin in early 2010 was 4 cents.
  9. The Bitcoin core is written in C++.
  10. FBI owns 1.5% of the total Bitcoins created.