standards dfes

standards dfes

Primary Framework for literacy and mathematics

The frameworks for teaching literacy and mathematics are available on the Standards Site. Links to these are given below.

Standards dfes
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An expert group set up by the Department for Education will draft standards for unregulated supported accommodation alongside an ongoing public consultation, the children’s minister has confirmed.

This is a support tool to help individual teachers interpret the DfE standards in relation to RE. It could be used for self audit or in the context of professional development. The RE exemplification material simply illustrates the particular RE applications of the general standards and also refers to further helpful sources of information such as the REC’s Code of Conduct and Practice for Teachers of RE and the RE Quality Mark’s criteria for achieving that award.
This guidance material was produced jointly by NATRE members and the Professional Development Committee of the RE Council.

Standards dfes
Jess Ferguson is a Senior User Researcher at the Standard Testing Agency.
Most of the time Jessie Ferguson is a senior user researcher but she also volunteers to assess services built by government teams. Jessie explains the benefits of being a service assessor and what this volunteering opportunity entails.

The current and new curriculum
Includes health and well-being, bullying and absence