Location and Community Research

The Park Kitchen and Bar is a business that provides quality dishes and drinks to customers at a reasonable price; it is located in Calgary at a quarry park. The company faces both challenges and opportunities from its environment.

Currently, Calgary is dynamic, cosmopolitan and modern with a large percentage of its economy driven by the energy sector. The city has grown tremendously with the creation of office spaces in downtown amounting to approximately forty million square miles. Also, the suburban market has expanded to 26million square feet. Therefore, the city has become one of the largest market destination in the nation (Boma, 2015).

However, the suburban environment is changing as many firms have relocated from the downtown core to campus areas such as the Quarry Park known as Remington which is located in the south-east quadrant and the Westmount Corporate Campus.

The influx of people from other cities has altered the cultural mix and demographics of the town. Calgary is transforming into a global city. There are plans to change the design of the city into a world-class urban structure. More skyscrapers are being built, and the traffic lights are being overhauled to match the increased road traffic. The population is increasing with the number exceeding 30,000 people. However, the increasing population is likely to cause a shortage of resources (Boma, 2015).

The prairies have grown over the years with a population of above 1.5 million people. Therefore, the Park Kitchen and Bar has a large customer base as the more the population increases, the more their clientele increase. As the city is growing into a cosmopolitan community, more similar businesses are coming up which create competition. Also, many businesses are relocating to the park which has resulted in bringing customers closer to the Park Kitchen and bar thereby increasing their profits (Fotiou, 2015).

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