government schools

government schools

Independent schools are located in a wide range of communities, including some of Western Australia’s most remote Aboriginal communities.
If you have any enquiries about Independent schools please contact the Independent non-government school itself or AISWA.

MSGCU gives back to the Michigan communities that our members call home.
Our team members develop relationships with local organizations that provide education and basic needs to our communities at large. We donate time and money to raise awareness about important issues affecting all of us throughout Michigan.

The Australian Council for the Defence of Government Schools (DOGS) has been fighting for public education since the 1960s.
The Council has two main objectives:
1. The promotion and protection of public education
2. The separation of Church and State and opposition to public funding of private religious schools

A child who takes part in a preschool program conducted under this Division is not, for the purposes of this Act or any other Act relating to the care or education of preschool children, to be taken to be a student enrolled at a Government school.
A child of compulsory school age is entitled to be enrolled at his or her designated neighbourhood Government school.