Education is one most developing practices anyone can advise you to do. Since birth we have been learning, we started with symbols, we went to drawing, writing and speaking, and finally practical applications. The coming of the internet revolutionized education even more with research becoming an easier process for both students and educators.

Blogs have also become important in people’s lives. Today, there must be hundreds of thousands of blogs on education. is one of those blogs; the blog comes with multiple benefits. Below is a list of frequently asked questions on this blog:

What is

Education is an expensive journey for many students in the country.  Clothing, stationery, food and other aspects of subsistence are required. Some parents can afford these items, and some cannot; they might have to save for more than half a decade to set you up for college. Your only hope might be a scholarship; those good at some sports get lucky, you have to struggle with every aspect to get a real certification or even get professional.

For these and many reasons, we started the With your school ID, you can access support and discounts at many of Discount with Student ID stores across the country, to make your education experience easy.

Can I get a discount with student ID at any store?

Not every store offers discounts to students. Different organizations operate differently. We can only tell that there are parts of the countries that will not have such discounts.  However, look up the discount with student stores in your area and make use of that student ID to make your student life easier

What kinds of students are you looking for?

Those who are well off will probably never show up at Discount with student ID stores. Those in need will always get the discounts on any they require in a store.

What you will do is to verify your student status. We are aware that not everyone that will approach our stores has a good agenda.  Some could be using it as a way to get a discount and sell. With your student details, we can tell your level of need and be a support to you any day you enter our stores.

What determines I am a student?

Not everybody loves school, but there is something familiar about students. Students spend most parts of the days of the week in class. You qualify to be termed a student when if you spend not less than 15 hours a week in a classroom. You must at least be showing commitment to an education system high school or college.

For how long is the discount with student ID valid? 

Every ID shows a period you are in school. We need to verify those periods in our system. For as long as you remain a student in a school, you can continue enjoying discounts at any relevant stores. Your subsistence matters to us, and for the period you will be in school and need support dropping some coins to make it easy to access some things will not be a problem.

Can I still get discounts when I lose my student ID?

You cannot afford to lose a student ID. You will always render your student ID every time one visits a store, airport, private library and cinema hall name them. Guard it jealously because it saves you a lot of money you can spend on your survival in school. Once school is done, you could keep it as a source of motivation; everybody keeps theirs.

Can someone get discounts for using my student ID?

You remain the only person whose image or biometric is entrenched in the student ID. It will be hard to fake identity. Only holders of such student IDs benefit from them. We do this because those that deserve assistance can be assisted. We wish to be fair to every student treating all of them uniformly. For any other questions reach out to us through our contact details, and we will be happy to get back to you with the best answer.