department of education and skills

department of education and skills

Budgets, funding, data collection, term dates and admissions
Includes health and well-being, bullying and absence

Department of education and skills
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Department of education and skills
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The Department of Education also carries out research on School Education. For statistics on this theme click on the School Education Research link below.
The Department of Education publishes statistics on school enrolments, school performance, school leavers, qualifications and destinations, pupil attendance, suspensions and expulsions, school meals and education workforce. For statistics on this theme click on the School Education Statistics link below.


  • To promote an Institutional Framework to devise and implement a national sectoral and workplace strategies to develop and improve the skills of the Kenyan workforce and to integrate those strategies within the National Qualifications Framework
  • Overseeing skills Development among Actors and establishment of sector specific skills Council
  • Establishment and management of institutional frameworks for linking industry skills development and training
  • Implementation of the Industrial attachment Policy
  • Harmonization of skills training at all levels of Training
  • Management of National Skills Development Fund
  • Implementation of National apprenticeship Policy
  • Development and implementation of Employment Data Base system with linkages to all cadres of graduates and jobs in the market
  • Assessing industrial training, Testing and Occupational Skills and awarding Certificates including Government Test Certificates
  • Registration and approval of Professional Bodies
  • To improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of Employers
  • To promote self employment
  • To improve the delivery of social services