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The department has responsibility for the development and implementation of an effective framework for learning in all its forms; full and part-time, academic, professional and vocational. The main contact numbers and e-mail address for general enquiries are:
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Mr Richard Hall
Bute’s main form of industry is farming where wheat and barley cereal crops are the primary produce. The Primary School has a current enrolment of 30 students from Reception – Year 6 and is well placed in terms of its facilities and resources. The Early Learning Centre caters for children aged Birth – 12 and includes providing before and after Preschool and School care.
We have three classrooms. The school population derives from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds and influences. About half of the students travel to school by school bus, with the other students either living locally or driven in from the outskirts of the township by their parents.

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Our particular foci are Literacy and Numeracy; with a strong emphasis on wellbeing, to ensure a successful community within the school. Brinkworth Primary School values and develops the whole person and recognises the link between academic achievement and a student’s wellbeing, and emotional and physical health.
Brinkworth Primary and Early Childhood Centre encourages lifelong learning. We are preparing our students for future success in line with our motto ‘ Striving to Achieve’. Our staff is a team of well-trained, committed professionals, striving to provide students with a wide range of opportunities for success.

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We provide a broad and balanced curriculum and have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and ICT. Students enjoy daily fitness sessions and we have a commitment to their health and wellbeing. Our aim is for all students to reach their full potential and we explicitly teach students skills to promote growth mindset and resiliency to ensure they are equipped to manage challenge and change.
Wasleys Primary School is a small family oriented, community minded school just 15 minutes out of Gawler. We are well resourced and our small class groups enable us to deliver more individualised support and intellectual stretch for our students.