2 Million People of 36 Million Canada’s Population Have Guns. About 270 Million Gun Owners Are in the USA

Over the years, countries Canada and the United States have faced a number of killings. Discourses have shifted to gun ownership by a population of citizens. Later after the mourning of a number of mass killings and homicides, the country moves on and the issue of gun collection and gun control goes on until another instance of murder, then countries go wild again.

One in every 18 people in Canada has a gun

In Canada for instance, Faisal Hussein a gun holder on a given day walk into the streets of Toronto, shot two dead and injured more than a dozen people. What followed was people from all over termed, advocates of guns collection. They drew the winds crazy with demands about the need for gun control. What followed was leaders now imposing policies for which we know could be defied, the system is rotten. An example is the mayor of Toronto banned the issue, distribution and sale of handguns. Even so, what did it change? We cannot tell.

In Canada, there is no second amendment; their laws strictly deny any person a right to possess a firearm. The only way to get access to arms is through a stringent screening process, the big question, did the alleged shooters go through the same screening? Maybe they tricked their way across the system. Even though there is a law, that prevents anyone from the possession of arms, there is a need for a regulator. There is a need for a strong organization that regulates arms possession like the one in the United States, the National Rifles Association. If there could be one, somehow, they could monitor the holders, enlighten them on usage and teach them on the codes of handling guns.

The government of Canada knows very well the people that possess rifles; they are aware they know how to use them but do not know how those people use them. “If the country or its states are secure, why do we need guns?” Somebody asked. To get a gun, one does it legally; the rest is illegal. The system only affects those with legal access, what of those that smuggle? As strict as the laws could sound in Canada, one person in every 18 people has a gun, which makes 2 million people out of the 36 million population of Canada owners of rifles.

Nine in every 10 people in the United States possess a rifle

In the United States, the case is quite less the same, in an article by Walter Hickey, he calls America an exceptional nation. He goes ahead not to praise the economy or the education, but for the annual numbers of killings that result from death by gun shootings. The data is all perturbing, you will scream at the numbers, I call it a lucrative market with people with a full appetite to aim at people and things.  The United States alone has a population of 270 million people who are in possession of arms. Run this against 325 million people; you might imagine that even kids possess rifles. Almost 90 firearms for every existing 100 people in the population of the United States. The country that nears this will surprise you, in India, about 46 people are in possession of guns, which makes it about four in every a hundred people possesses a firearm, approximately a twentieth of the figure of the United States.

Luckily or unluckily for the US is the presence of the Second Amendment which states that a well-trained and monitored militia with the mandate to protect the security of a free state has a right to possess an arm and that the right cannot be denied in whatsoever way, unless exemption.

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