More Researches About the Positive Effects of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a drug that has attracted controversy in opinions among many. Amidst the unceasing battle of clashes between medical doctors, journalists, legislators, police departments and so on, it becomes effortless to be overwhelmed by hyperbole and media sensationalism; this, unfortunately, reflects that those […]

All You Need to Know Before Signing for a Guatemala Education Volunteer Trip

Ciudad De Guatemala, Spanish for Guatemala City, is the largest city in Central America. The town lying in the valley of the central highlands was rebuilt after the disastrous six weeks earthquake that occurred in 1917-1918. The city characterized by elegant residential apartment’s steel multistoried […]

2 Million People of 36 Million Canada’s Population Have Guns. About 270 Million Gun Owners Are in the USA

Over the years, countries Canada and the United States have faced a number of killings. Discourses have shifted to gun ownership by a population of citizens. Later after the mourning of a number of mass killings and homicides, the country moves on and the issue […]