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6 Tips + Bonus to Increase your Affiliate Marketing sale

Every business rely on a good marketing strategy and if you are an affiliate marketers and want to increase your affiliate sale,  here are the marketing strategy you should opt to increase your sale.

#1. Write Compare Reviews

If you are writing single product review on your affiliate marketing site than you are making a big mistake, this is because people always want best and they search for other options. And if you compare two or three products in the review they will buy the best product directly from your site.

#2. Write Long Review

According to an experiment long review sell more and the shorter one.  Write in-depth reviews so that the reader has no more questions about the product (So that they don’t search other sites for the information). To rank in top 10 in the search results the optimum length of the article should be at least 2000 words but now exceed 2200 words.

#3. Fast Loading Page

Amazon lose their 1/3 customers with every 3 second delay in loading time, so your page should load fast. Use the compressed CSS and JS on the site to reduce loading time.

#4. Create Hype

Create Hype about the product before reviewing it on your site. You can create creative banner and Headings for this. Tweet about it on twitter ( the most effective Social Marketing Site ) .

#5. Giveaways 

Giveaways is great way to increase the desire to use the product in the readers, it also increase social media popularity and traffic. Using giveaways you will pay for two licences and readers can buy up to 50 licenses from your affiliate link. So if the product cost $100 per license and the company pay 30% share of the sale. Then your final income will be $30×50 – 2x$100 = $1300 .

#6. Email Marketing

Build a strong email following or subscribers, because it can make you millionaire. In a research it is found that Email Marketing is the  best way to sell something, no-matter what type of product it is email marketing is the best way to sell it fast. If you have an email following of 20,000 for a product, more than 500 people of  20,000 people buy the product directly from you.


Avoid spam words

Avoid spam words in the email marketing, Here are some words to avoid in the financial space:

$$$,Affordable, Bargain, Beneficiary, Best price,  Big bucks, Cash, Compare rates, Cost, Credit, Credit bureaus, Discount, Earn, Easy terms, Free

Here are some words to avoid in the e-commerce space:

As seen on, Buy, Buy direct, Buying judgments, Clearance, Order,  Order status, Orders shipped by, Shopper

Google Webmaster Tools Trick

On most of the sites up to 60-70% of the affiliate income is from the UK and US traffic. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to set the Geographic  target to UK or UK so that your site rank higher in US or UK search results.


10 Bitcoin Facts

Bitcoin is a decentralised virtual currency which is created my Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and is introduced as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which means it is a combination of alphabets and numbers in a sequence.

10 Bitcoin Facts

  1. 3600+ Bitcoins are mined each day.
  2. The first Bitcoin transaction is of 100BTC between Satoshi Nakamoto → Hal Finney on 12/01/2009.
  3. Only 21 millions Bitcoins can exist ever.
  4. Bitcoin source code consist of 3100 lines of computer code.
  5. LAMBORGHINI is the first car company to accept Bitcoins in exchange for cars.
  6. You can travel to space using Bitcoins thanks to Virgin Galactic.
  7. You can buy pizza in Netherlands using Bitcoin.
  8. The value of one Bitcoin in early 2010 was 4 cents.
  9. The Bitcoin core is written in C++.
  10. FBI owns 1.5% of the total Bitcoins created.
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Secret Tricks To Earn More From Google Adsense

Earning more through Google Adsense is easy you just have to know some rules to optimise your ads. Now it’s time to learn some basic and advance tips to Increase Adsense Revenue .

One thing i would like to suggest you that don’t violate the Adsense Policies by putting ads in such a way that  user click on the ad accidentally. Also never ask anyone to click on your ads because it violate the Adsense Policies and can lead to deactivation of your account.

Optimize Ads

  • Use blue color in the ad title because it has high CTR but wait not the standard blue use the light blue color because studies shows that people started ignoring the standard blue color links.
  • Remove the borders from the ads by giving same color to the border as that of the background.
  • Make the URL and Description color same as that of the text color of the article

Placing Ads

  • Don’t place all the ads in the same place instead place ads so that when users scroll down they see a new ad. It increase the CTR for the blog that have long articles but in case of downloads blog or the  blog having short articles you can place the ads side by side to increase the CTR.
  • Place ads between the post to increase your CTR.

Use this heat map for placing ads on your website.

Ads Type

  •  336 * 280 : Large Rectangle and Leader board 728*90 are the highest paying ad size.
  • Use both image and Text Ads.


Experiment with ad placement to earn more ” keep changing the ad placement , this is the real secret to earn more ”

Adsense Blacklist URL

Blacklist the low paying low category ads from “Allow and Block Ads Section”.

Do share your one tips which help you in maximizing your Adsense revenue.