SEO Tips To Increase Traffic

SEO / Search Engine Optimization is the most important things to grow your blog. But to learn SEO you have to spend 3-4 hours every day for at least 6 months to become an SEO expert.

I have experience of more than 2 years of Search Engine Optimization and I have created many successful website which are making decent income for me.

After reading this SEO Tips guide you will be able to  do :

  • Boost you traffic
  • Make your site load faster

and you will never make any SEO mistake that can pull your rank on search engines.

So it starts from here →

1. First thing is to install World-Class SEO Tools

If you are using Genesis or Thesis Framework, you have already built-in SEO options. But if you are using other theme you can install SEO by Yoast Plugin from here.

NOTE: You will need the plugin to change some settings on the website

2. index or noindex the wordpress Archives?


The answer is noindex the archives pages like category, tag, author, date archive. Indexing these page leads to duplicate content for which your site rank will decease. This setting will definitely increase to site traffic.

3. Site name in the post title or not?

Unless your blog is very popular and well-known it is not recommended to add site title in post title. But if your blog is very popular you should add the site title in the post title because it help user to quickly recognize your site in the search results.

4. Make site load faster

The question is how?

So here are the top 11 answers:

  1. Reduce logo quality.
  2. Use cache plugin – W3 Total Cache
  3. Reduce use of custom Fonts.
  4. Use less plugins.
  5. Don’t add analytical javascripts that you do not use.
  6. Reduce image quality before uploading.
  7. Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks).
  8. Use pattern type background or solid color background.
  9. Optimize WordPress Data Tables
  10. Use Post Excerpt on Homepage
  11. Use WordPress Frameworks Themes like Genesis

Above are the actionable tips and if implemented they can increase your website traffic upto twice. Go try them your self. And if you have any suggestion please tell us.