Dummies’ Guide To ANDROID OS

Android is a Open-source Linux based Operating System designed to work on any device. Google purchased Android OS from ANDROID Inc. in 2005. That was the year when Android’s first version is developed.

Because ANDROID is an Open Source Software there are many customized versions of android available like CyanogenMod, MIUI etc.

Android Development cycle is short as compared to other operating systems like iOS or Windows Phone. This is the reason we see new updates in about every 6 months.

Android offer lots of customization options to users and OEMs to customize their devices.

Android apps are developed in Java Language. That’s the region why Android Apps are comparatively smaller from iOS Apps which are developed in C language.

But there is a disadvantage associated with app developed in Java i.e Apps written in Java follow JIT (Just In Time) Compiling rule. That mean Java apps uses more resources as compared to the apps written in C. Apps written in C language are pre-compiled so they uses fewer resources. Now You will learn how Android OS works.

How Android Works

Android working is divided in 2 steps:

  • Booting
  • Running Apps (Including the UI)

Booting is the process of loading required library files and starting the system.

The steps of Android OS Booting is listed bellow in order of occurrence:

  1. Checking for all the library files
  2. Reading System Configuration from Kernel
  3. Verifying Configurations
  4. Loading System Apps and Files
  5. Starting System App Process’s
  6. End of Booting

When an Android App Runs there are two process that occurs

  1. System Compile the App
  2. System loads fragments
  3. App starts Running

Why Android Is So Popular

The region behind Android Popularity is the Ability to Customize it, As it offer large numbers of APIs to deal with Hardware and Root Access to System.

Android has over half million apps and games to download and most of them are free.

Fast Updates is another region of its popularity.

If you owns an Android Phone you know it makes our life easier.

If you want to know more about Android buy an Android device.

I am totally in love with Android, Since I used it first time.

No doubt it is the smartest Operating System yet.

Future of Android

I am very confident with the future of Android OS.

Android is the main hero behind the scene of many million dollar companies like Instagram, Rovio Mobiles, Ea Games, Glu, Evernote and Dropbox.

For many developers Android Apps are the primary source of generating livelihood.

We have these awesome services only because of ANDROID. No more to says…