web design

Coming out of Black in Typography

Do you notice the color of the typography on the websites you visit regularly? Almost all of them use the Black and White combination for the typography and the content area. So you might ask whats the problem with that.

2011 was the year of big changes in the web designs. After that year the modern web we see today was born. The sophisticated, crappy looking site are designed modern, simple and elegant. Lots of widget in the sidebar are replaced with the few required once. All that changes took decades to come into existence.

I like these changes in the design, but there is one thing that I don’t like. That is now we all are stuck with the black font color and white backgrounds.

The classic designs are diminishing and soon will come to the end.

Black font on the top of white background doesn’t means to increase the effectiveness of the content. The same effectiveness can also be achieved by using other colors.

Why we are struck with black? Why we are all using the same design concepts of typography? Is their any fear of failure which is stopping us to use our own creativity in designing process.

Lets use our creativity at the designs we make. I know all designs are not successful, but we can’t stop trying new things.

Lets break some rules and make our own rules. What do you think?

In future posts I’m going to post new articles about how we can create good designs.