Dummies’ Guide To ANDROID OS

Android is a Open-source Linux based Operating System designed to work on any device. Google purchased Android OS from ANDROID Inc. in 2005. That was the year when Android’s first version is developed.

Because ANDROID is an Open Source Software there are many customized versions of android available like CyanogenMod, MIUI etc.

Android Development cycle is short as compared to other operating systems like iOS or Windows Phone. This is the reason we see new updates in about every 6 months.

Android offer lots of customization options to users and OEMs to customize their devices.

Android apps are developed in Java Language. That’s the region why Android Apps are comparatively smaller from iOS Apps which are developed in C language.

But there is a disadvantage associated with app developed in Java i.e Apps written in Java follow JIT (Just In Time) Compiling rule. That mean Java apps uses more resources as compared to the apps written in C. Apps written in C language are pre-compiled so they uses fewer resources. Now You will learn how Android OS works.

How Android Works

Android working is divided in 2 steps:

  • Booting
  • Running Apps (Including the UI)

Booting is the process of loading required library files and starting the system.

The steps of Android OS Booting is listed bellow in order of occurrence:

  1. Checking for all the library files
  2. Reading System Configuration from Kernel
  3. Verifying Configurations
  4. Loading System Apps and Files
  5. Starting System App Process’s
  6. End of Booting

When an Android App Runs there are two process that occurs

  1. System Compile the App
  2. System loads fragments
  3. App starts Running

Why Android Is So Popular

The region behind Android Popularity is the Ability to Customize it, As it offer large numbers of APIs to deal with Hardware and Root Access to System.

Android has over half million apps and games to download and most of them are free.

Fast Updates is another region of its popularity.

If you owns an Android Phone you know it makes our life easier.

If you want to know more about Android buy an Android device.

I am totally in love with Android, Since I used it first time.

No doubt it is the smartest Operating System yet.

Future of Android

I am very confident with the future of Android OS.

Android is the main hero behind the scene of many million dollar companies like Instagram, Rovio Mobiles, Ea Games, Glu, Evernote and Dropbox.

For many developers Android Apps are the primary source of generating livelihood.

We have these awesome services only because of ANDROID. No more to says…


What to Do When… (You have a problem)

We all have some problems in our life. But most of us don’t know how to deal with them. We might get depressed or loose hopes, but what I learnt in my life is no problem is permanent, you just need to wait for some time, it can be the wait for 2 days, 7 days or 1 month but I am very sure that our problem will be solved, All it requires is wait and wait.

Take a look at this poster and think.

What to do when.. (You have problem)


10 Bitcoin Facts

Bitcoin is a decentralised virtual currency which is created my Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and is introduced as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which means it is a combination of alphabets and numbers in a sequence.

10 Bitcoin Facts

  1. 3600+ Bitcoins are mined each day.
  2. The first Bitcoin transaction is of 100BTC between Satoshi Nakamoto → Hal Finney on 12/01/2009.
  3. Only 21 millions Bitcoins can exist ever.
  4. Bitcoin source code consist of 3100 lines of computer code.
  5. LAMBORGHINI is the first car company to accept Bitcoins in exchange for cars.
  6. You can travel to space using Bitcoins thanks to Virgin Galactic.
  7. You can buy pizza in Netherlands using Bitcoin.
  8. The value of one Bitcoin in early 2010 was 4 cents.
  9. The Bitcoin core is written in C++.
  10. FBI owns 1.5% of the total Bitcoins created.

SEO Tips To Increase Traffic

SEO / Search Engine Optimization is the most important things to grow your blog. But to learn SEO you have to spend 3-4 hours every day for at least 6 months to become an SEO expert.

I have experience of more than 2 years of Search Engine Optimization and I have created many successful website which are making decent income for me.

After reading this SEO Tips guide you will be able to  do :

  • Boost you traffic
  • Make your site load faster

and you will never make any SEO mistake that can pull your rank on search engines.

So it starts from here →

1. First thing is to install World-Class SEO Tools

If you are using Genesis or Thesis Framework, you have already built-in SEO options. But if you are using other theme you can install SEO by Yoast Plugin from here.

NOTE: You will need the plugin to change some settings on the website

2. index or noindex the wordpress Archives?


The answer is noindex the archives pages like category, tag, author, date archive. Indexing these page leads to duplicate content for which your site rank will decease. This setting will definitely increase to site traffic.

3. Site name in the post title or not?

Unless your blog is very popular and well-known it is not recommended to add site title in post title. But if your blog is very popular you should add the site title in the post title because it help user to quickly recognize your site in the search results.

4. Make site load faster

The question is how?

So here are the top 11 answers:

  1. Reduce logo quality.
  2. Use cache plugin – W3 Total Cache
  3. Reduce use of custom Fonts.
  4. Use less plugins.
  5. Don’t add analytical javascripts that you do not use.
  6. Reduce image quality before uploading.
  7. Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks).
  8. Use pattern type background or solid color background.
  9. Optimize WordPress Data Tables
  10. Use Post Excerpt on Homepage
  11. Use WordPress Frameworks Themes like Genesis

Above are the actionable tips and if implemented they can increase your website traffic upto twice. Go try them your self. And if you have any suggestion please tell us.


Facebook Updates it’s Like Box Button Style

Social Network giant has rolled out its updated modern button style with its Like Box. The new button is inspire from the new Facebook graph search design.

The old lite gray button is replace with new strong blue bottom with a ‘f’ logo on it.

It appears that the updated button style is only visible to the user who are not logged-in.

We can expect the same new style of the other like buttons in the next coming hours or days.

We will keep look on Facebook and update this post if required.


How I Increased My Blogger Blog Traffic From 34 to 4900 Pageviews Daily

Back in 2012 I have started my first blog. The reason behind starting the blog was I wanted to become famous, I wanted to make myself popular. That time I don’t know about how much money I can make from the blog. And my intention to start the blog was only popularity, not money. Just like everyone, I started my blog with one post. I get only 3 or 4 pageviews that day. From next day I started posting 4-5 post every day. After posting around 17 posts I get 34 pageviews/daily . That day I think if I’m getting 2 pageviews from one post, then if I post 200 post I will get at least 100 pageviews/daily. But this was not true, at the time of writing  this post my blog has 215 posts published and the my blog is getting ~4900 pageviews/daily. In this guide I will tell you how I increased my pageviews from 34 to 4900. It will include my methods and secrets I used. And you will get extreme popularity and traffic on your blog after implementing these tips. I can guaranty the success only when you read this guide thoroughly, and you have the required courage and dedication.

How to start a successful Blog?

Selecting the right platform

When you are starting a blog make a strong choice to stick to a blogging platform.

If you have questions about which blogging platform to use?

WordPress or Blogger?

My recommendation goes like that: if you have no experience of blogging and this is your first blog then go with BLOGGER. If you are 100% sure that you can blog and you have strong determination of running a successful blog ( and you will not give up before 6 months) like me , then go with Self-Hosted WordPress Blog.

Never use the, if you want to start blogging with WordPress always use Self-Hosted WordPress. I don’t recommend because it have lots of limitation such as you can not use custom templates on your blog etc. ( I can write 2000 words article on the limitations of …)

Selection of Niche

Now this very important thing. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the topic you are blogging about, then i can guarantee that you can’t success.  So choose the niche wisely.

That’s all basic about How to start a successful blog. Now we will learn How to Increase the traffic of a blog to make it successful.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Optimize you blog before it’s too late.

Optimize your titles setting to rank better in results. If you are using blogger platform then change you default title setting to display only the post title without the blog name in the title tag.

For WordPress users change your title structure to “Post Title”.

Do it NOW, do not wait.. open your site dashboard in a tab.

How to Increase the Traffic of a Blog?

Design Matters

I have spend countless hours to know the best user experience on website. But Good news it that, you don’t need to spend hours to create a good user experience on your website. I have created this design guide so that you can easily create a great design for your site.

First thing I did to increase traffic is I tweaked my site design. I placed a About Blog Box in the top of sidebar, it helps the user to quickly understand about the site.

What it actually do is, it makes a impression about your blog topic in the visitor’s mind.

And why I say to place it in the top of the sidebar.

Because when the user first visit your site their attention is on the first thing in the sidebar and the first two lines of the post.

Lets increase the user engagement .. 

The Second Thing I did is I placed a Related Post Widget at the end of every post, so that when user finish reading the post they get some related reading suggestions. For this you can use YARPP Plugin.

Also I added a recommended post slider called “Simple Reach Slider” . It catch user attention with a related post when user scroll at the bottom of the post he is reading. It decreased my bounce rate also..

Don’t let someone miss you ” Don’t miss Stuff ..”

To show my best content to user. I placed a Popular Post widget in the sidebar. Use this plugin to show your popular post. It will not only increase you pageviews but also give you the idea of the content type which is going viral. So that you can write more about that.

Typography Tips

Typography really matters.. Don’t make the font size too small or too big. Most of the readers prefer the standard font size, which is 14px to 16px.

Moreover you can use the Golden Ration Typography Calculator which is a great tool to select optimum font size, and line height for any content width.

Now you know about the perfect Typography, So change your typography NOW.

Browser Support

Make sure that your site is compatible with all the browsers.

You can check the site compatibility using this tool called “BrowserShots” . Just submit your site URL.

Check whether your site is compatible with all the major browser (such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.) or not.

Analytics Integration

It is very important to add Analytic software like Google Analytics to study the growth of the blog. Without the study of traffic it is tough to make right decisions to increase pageviews and traffic.

In my case Google Analytics has played an important role in the growth of the blog. Through this I was able to check my bounce rate, pageview/user and site on time like important things.

Google Analytics is great analytics software and you can easily integrate on you site. Visit the this page and signup for Google Analytics.

Now you know about the importance of Analytic software. So Go and integrate Google Analytics on you blog NOW.

How to use Google Analytics for growth?

After you integrated Google Analytics in your blog. It’s time to learn how to use Google Analytics for the blog growth.

No two blogs can succeed with the same strategy and design. The design that work for one may not work for other. So you have to make small change time by time according to the users need. To knows about the week links in your design you have to think like the visitors point of view and take help of the analytics report.

Analytics report help in understanding the effect of the any change.

For example if you have placed ads just above the Related Posts Box and you have significant decrease in the number of pageview. Then you can check the analytic report to find the cause of the decrease in pageviews. In this case you will see a decrease in the pageview/visitor . Now you know why your pageviews are decreased, then you can relate it with the change you made by placing ads just above the Related Posts box. As your pageviews are decreases because of the decrease in pageviews/visitor you can  add a Recommended post slider to increase the pageviews/visitor.

Something about your posts..

Post Size

Post less than 400 Words = Take a gun → Shoot yourself in the head.

If you are still writing post with less than 400 words than it is no more than waste of time. In this time of competition you really have to standout from the crowd.

First thing first: if you are a new blogger then don’t blog on blogging niche. ( You can not be successful if you don’t know about that topic..)

Next thing is that, If you blog on blogging niche write at least 700 words post to get traffic from search engines like Google.

Make sure that your post covers all the questions of the visitor.

Writing Style

Styles matters.. develop a unique writing style. These day people like to visit a blog again and again which has unique writing style. Unique writing style create a good impression about the author and develop reputation of the author in the visitor’s mind.

I know about these things because I am studying the visitors behavior to different kinds writing style and content from many years.

To develop good writing skill I recommend …


Want to improve your writing style..


.. Read More

You can’t become a good writer, if you are not a Good reader.

You can read more about how to write on .

Post Frequency

Many other people tell you that if you want to increase traffic then post daily. It is right but not 100% complete.

RGT’s Tip: Don’t care about the posting schedule. Post daily, weekly or inconsistently but make sure than you are posting a quality content and covers all the topics.

If you want to rank in top 10 in the search results, then write 2000+ words article. You can take a week, 10 days or 20 days to do this.

Let’s Talk Promotion

Blog promotion is important for rapid growth of the blog.

To do this there are 2 old working methods..

1. Blog Commenting

2. Guest Posting

Another Unique tip for Promoting your content and building reputation… Is promote others great posts also. It will give to instant reputation and followers. Do this for a week and let me know the results.

Make them feel good

Respond to their comment.

If you are busy, then respond to at least those comments which needs reply.

Write the post in a friendly tone.. and add humor to it.  Build a flow in reading the post.

Characteristics of a killer About Page

What’s in it for me If I read this site?

What you can teach to the visitor? How do they benefit from following your blog?.

What make you someone I should listen to on this topic?

Tell them about the benefits of following your blog and tell them why you are the right person whom they listen to and why are you qualified to write on the chosen topic.

Home Work for you:

  • Create a 2000+ words article ( Cover all the points about the topic and write in a flow). After publishing it you will get good results.
  • Put a deadline to complete it. ( 1 week or 10 days)
  • Promote it on social media.
  • Share your experience and tell me the result after one week.

Thesis 2.0 Boxes

Thesis 2.0 and up offers the ability to add new features in the form of boxes. All it takes is creativity and creativity to create new boxes. Here is the list of all the thesis 2 boxes available right now :

Free Thesis 2 Boxes

  • Adsense Box
  • Responsive Adsense Box
  • Related Posts Box by NXThemes
  • Thesis 2.0 Logo Box by DIYWPBlog
  • Breadcrumb Navigation Box by WPThesisSkins
  • Review Meta Box by DIYWPBlog allows you to create a compliant review with star ratings
  • Nivo Slider Box for Thesis 2 by NXThemes
  • Jbar — Top-bar Box for Thesis 2 by NXThemes
  • Simple Thesis Classic Skin Styles Box for Thesis 2 by Rick Anderson
  • Menu with Description Box by NXThemes
  • Breadcrumbs Box by NXThemes
  • Category Posts Slider Box for Thesis 2.0 created by Matt Hodder
  • Social Share is a social sharing box for Thesis 2 by Bloggermint
  • Aweber Email Signup Box for Thesis 2 by OrgSpring
  • DIY Cloud – Thesis 2.0 Box 1.0 by DIYWPBlog
  • Thesis 2.0 Disqus Comment Box – by DIYWPBlog
  • Thesis 2 Social Media Buttons Box by SkinMyThesis
  • Thesis 2.x Windy Box by NXThemes
  • 2 Social Media Boxes by WPThesisSkins
  • Related Posts Guide Box by DIYWPBlog
  • Extended WordPress Featured Image by ThesisTut – link

You can also bookmark this page because it will have a updated list when you visit after a week.